4 Mistakes to Avoid When Pressure Cleaning

Know How to Efficiently Clean Your Property  

Doing the pressure cleaning incorrectly can significantly damage certain areas of your property. On top of that, failing to clean the roof and siding can cause dirt buildup and rot, taking away some of the value of your property. One of the keys to cleaning your property with a power washer is avoiding common mistakes. Once you understand how these mistakes occur, you can efficiently make your house look new again. Below are 4 of the common mistakes you make – and how you can avoid making them.

Not using the right pressure

One of the most common mistakes you make when pressure washing your house is using too much pressure. When the water is overpressurized, it can lead to all sorts of problems. Too much pressure can cause you to carve lines into the siding or damaged areas of your deck. Once you’ve damaged your siding or deck, moisture can build up, and both mildew and rot occur. It’s important to know when to hire a professional, and if you’re still uncertain about how much pressure to use, call them to assist you!

Lack of the needed expertise

If you’ve never done pressure cleaning before and are trying it for the first time, then you have to be cautious about what you’re doing! You can make multiple mistakes when power washing your property, including damaging the deck, siding, lawn, and windows. If you lack the knowledge needed for this job or have doubts once you start, you should stop and give your local contractors a call!

Not cleaning your driveways

Another common mistake you make when pressure washing is forgetting to clean your driveway. Your driveway collects contaminants, such as oil stains or algae, that if left untreated can cause the driveway to crack and eventually deteriorate. Make sure you remember to power wash your driveway if you’re washing the exterior of your house.

Using only water to clean

If you’re washing your property, make sure you use a pressure washer that has the solution and water in it. Other machines only come with water, and if you only use water for this job, it won’t last as long. You’ll have to do the cleaning more often! If that’s not bad enough, water-only solutions spread mold spores over your property, setting you up for problems down the road.

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