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Factors to Consider When Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Believe it or not, exterior paint color is important. Did you know that picking the best exterior paint color for your house could increase the profit you receive when you sell it by thousands of dollars? It goes without saying that choosing just a few precise paint colors might be difficult given the vast array of possibilities and colors available. You’ll find some insider advice on choosing the best exterior painting colors for the exterior of your home below. By following these suggestions, you may choose excellent exterior paint for your house without second-guessing your decision.

Use Actual Paint Samples

The general appearance of a paint color after drying can be best predicted using printed paint samples. However, appearances can be deceptive. especially when indoors, under artificial lighting, printed paint swatches are viewed. When choosing exterior paint colors, real paint samples should be used rather than printed ones. Additionally, you never know how a specific paint would appear over various base materials. Painting a wood surface as opposed to outside brick or stucco, for instance, may change how the color appears.

Factor in Neighboring House Colors

Want to wow your neighbors and possible home buyers? Think about selecting colors that will enhance the neighborhood’s curb appeal. If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, make sure you are adhering to the rules about the permitted exterior paint colors in your community. Before deciding on a color for your home, you might need to speak with your neighborhood community board. Consider selecting hues that distinguish your property while avoiding contrast or competition with nearby structures.

Observe in Different Lighting

As already noted, the exterior paint color you select can be significantly influenced by sunshine. In comparison to a gloomy day, how will the colors you select appear in direct sunlight? You might want to start looking at some other color alternatives that appear more consistent under various settings if it looks wonderful under one condition but not the other. You should also think about which way your house’s front faces.

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