Pressure Cleaning Tips for Beginners

Need a Clean?

It is important that your property is cleaned consistently and according to industry standards so it will be cleaned properly and thoroughly. Long-term, proper cleaning is the best way to keep your property in good condition and ensure that it will maintain a healthy, safe, and appealing environment for your family. Using a pressure washer will make it easier and faster to clean a dirty deck, remove mold from patio furniture, and wipe packed muck from tire wells. However, not all pressure washers are created equal, nor are they all appropriate for all outdoor tasks. Here are some pressure cleaning tips to ensure a safe cleaning experience.

Don’t downplay the power of pressure washers

The speed and power of a pressure washer, which is its greatest advantages, make it both dangerous and effective. For instance, even those devices with psi values on the lower end can cut through human skin with their water stream. Put on safety goggles, grip the wand firmly to prevent recoil when the pressure starts, and start on the lowest pressure level to prevent harm to yourself and your possessions. Work in broad strokes to avoid focusing the power of the instrument in one spot for an extended period of time. Aim the nozzle away from people, animals, and your prized peony shrub.

Use Different Nozzle Tips for Different Tasks

To better harness the water for the task at hand, you may equip a pressure washer with a range of nozzles that generate everything from wide-spray patterns to small streams. As a general rule, the spray will have more force the narrower it is. For regular washing tasks including removing dirt off redwood or cedar decking, scrubbing siding, and rinsing outdoor furniture, a wide, 40-degree nozzle works nicely. The filth and grime on concrete and other types of masonry can be removed with a 25-degree nozzle tip. The best usage for zero- or 15-degree nozzle tips is to remove tough stains from iron since they concentrate high pressure on a tiny region.

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