Ready Your Place for Exterior Painting the Right Way

How to Prepare for a Home Painting Project  

Deciding to repaint the exterior walls of your house will be your most spectacular decision yet. Doing so is going to bring back a gorgeous and well-protected surface that will bring out the best of your home. After selecting a new paint color and hiring a terrific exterior painting professional, it’s time to ready your place for the project.

How to do it well:

Remove Some Items First

The primary thing you need to do is remove your belongings. If you do this, you will avoid getting stains and spills on them. Put away outdoor decors, hanging plants, potted flowers, doormats, vases, signs, small porch chairs, and other things. You can put them inside a box and place them in your garage for a while.

Protect the Parts You Won’t Paint

Never forget about the other areas you don’t intend to paint. Don’t overlook the porch flooring, trim, windows, doors, knobs, handles, wirings, light fixtures, switches, and even outdoor lamps. You can use plastic sheeting, newspapers, and drop cloths for this. Your exterior painting expert can help you, but it’s always good to be well-prepared!

Clean the Surface

Before applying a fresh new coat of primer and paint, you must consider washing and cleaning the walls first. Ignoring to do this will not guarantee a smooth and gleaming finish. If you want a sleek outcome for your house, wash the surfaces with a good wall cleaner to eliminate grime, mildew, mold, dust, stains, and marks.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Think about the safety of your kids and pets. They are going to be curious about the tools, paint, equipment, and strangers walking around your property. To avoid inconvenience, mishaps, and accidents, ask a friend nearby to watch over them for a while until the project is complete.

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